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Welcomes You

The Series is for those who find it hard to decide, to commit, and especially to invest in themselves. They feel more comfortable and safer trying things slowly. It gives them the opportunity to make smaller decisions and commitments, and to invest lower amounts in themselves. 

The series is organized to prepare them to learn what healing is and go through a series of exercises that can help them to commit to the full program, or at least the next step.  It is essential to feel safe to heal. 

The content is identical in the full program and series.  Only the stages of commitment differ.  

This segment, 101, of the full program prepares the participant for success in her healing journey.

It starts the healing process by starting to heal her sleep and starting a couple of healthy new habits.

She will see that the program can help her and she will gain the confidence and courage to commit to herself to do the full program. Committed to her transformation, she will be ready to take the next step.

The Healing Journey Begins & Heal Your Sleep

About this course, Part 1 of Fibro Freedom Formula: You Healing You
The Series 101

You will learn the difference between a cure and healing and why self-healing is the viable option available for you to get well, since there is no cure.

You will learn that we humans are spiritual beings with a 4-body earth suit that we don't know how to manage nearly as well as we think.

You will learn how challenges promote healing.

You will learn an important but simple breathing exercise to do several times a day.

You will prepare yourself for your healing journey by doing several exercises that will prevent you from sabotaging yourself later in the program. 

You will acknowledge your losses due to your dis-ease and will grieve them. You will learn the stages of grief and see how the grieving process opens a door to healing.

You will acknowledge your fears and challenges about your dis-ease and about the prospect of healing. You will learn what conditions are needed for you to heal.

You will identify your Big Why for doing the healing work and the big reason you want to be well again.

You will learn about paradigms and change, and about changing paradigms, and the new paradigm we'll use for healing.

You will learn how paradigm shifts afferct our sleep and how to heal your sleep with new sleep routines.

You will learn the 4-body human system and get a users manual that will tell you secrets about how we humans really work. It will explain what is going on in the brain and in your two minds.

You will learn the big reveal about how the subconscious mind works and the problem the two minds have communicating and what you need to do to work around that to dramatically improve your results.

You will learn what attention means to the subconscious mind and what you need to do to consistently positive results. You will learn to align the minds and to improve communication between them for your success.

You will learn about each of the 4-bodies.

You will learn some movement and exercise habits to start using to relieve aches, pains, and stiffness.

You will learn what the Fibro Freedom Formula is and what it means.

These new insights will make it possible for you to change your results, just be using what you learn in these pages about each of the bodies.

By the end of this program, you will realize that there are many things for you to learn here that are useful to you. You will be prepared to commit to the next step in the program, FFF 102 to learn the Importance and How-to of Habits and Dreams, as essential skills and practices for you to heal yourself.


  • 1

    Module 1 : preparation for healing journey

    • Program Orientation

    • What is this preparatory work? Why do I need it?

    • Curing & Healing

    • Why do we get challenges?

    • Losses and Grief

    • Stress Reset

    • Fears and Challenges

    • Words : Think, Believe, Say and Do

    • Conditions you need met to heal

    • Knowing your Big Why

    • Your pledge

    • Meditation

    • Download the first module

    • Quiz - Preparation for healing journey

  • 2

    Module 3 : changing Paradigms

    • Life is change

    • We have already begun

    • Exercise- who am I ?

    • Paradigms and our health

    • Exercise-create a new sleep routine

    • Sleep routines and habits

    • Download module 3

    • Quiz module 3

  • 3

    Module 5 : Human Users' Manual

    • 4 body system

    • Quirks & Secrets

    • The brain

    • Two minds

    • The big reveal

    • Attention

    • Align the Minds & Communicate Clearly

    • Physical body & Energetic body

    • 2 Bodies

    • Movement Exercise habits

    • Exercise-Door stretch

    • Fibro Freedom Formula

    • Download HUM

    • Quiz Module 5

You Can Learn to Heal Yourself

There is no cure. You are suffering and looking for a solution. Your wellness is your responsibility. You CAN do this. Let's get started. Need support to decide?

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions People Ask

Why should you learn from Christine? 

She has suffered as you suffer. She has worked her way out of the deep mess she was in from Fibromyalgia. Our conditions might be medically incurable; but, we can heal ourselves, on all levels. 

Her life experience and training led her to the decision to do this work, her life's work, her mission. She can guide you to heal yourself using her unique Fibro Freedom Formula, a 4-body spiritual approach to healing. Healing yourself is do-able. 

We can all learn to do this. No cure means we must if we want to improve ourselves and our lives. It isn't magic. It isn't fake. It is Divine. Yes, there is a little woo-woo. We are more powerful than we think when we co-create with spirit.

What are the benefits of doing Fibro Freedom Formula: You Healing You and working with Christine?

  • Your physical wellness, mindset, emotional wellness, and energy will all improve. 

  • Your results and your life, in general, will improve. 

  • Living from a higher perspective will elevate you and your life. 

  • You will reconnect with your spirit and learn how powerful you are. You will learn not to give your power away, and you will call back any that has (or will) leak or be drained from you.

  • You will work with each of your bodies: physical, mental, emotional, and energetic, to heal each and to align them with each other and with your essence, spirit. 

  • You will learn many new skills, practices, and techniques for self-care, self-love, and healing.

  • You will learn to listen to signs and signals from spirit and from your 4 bodies

  • You will heal yourself and your life. 

  • You will learn to and you will optimize yourself to realize the limitless possibilities that are your birthright.

  • You will create a new you, a future self, transformed.

How can this happen?

It happens by addressing your needs on all levels, by repeatedly envisioning your dreams as if they are already true, by learning genuine self-care, by creating healthy new routines, and making them habits so they replace bad habits, by learning to love yourself unconditionally, including unresolved wounds in need of healing, limiting beliefs in need of being cleared and replaced, and relationships past and present in need of forgiveness. It happens by healing yourself on all levels. It happens by co-creating with spirit. It all happens in a step-by-step process, with community support and expert coaching.

About Christine Lutley,
Fibro Freedom Formula: You Healing You
Course Creator, Instructor, & Coach

Incurable fibromyalgia? If you heal you,
your symptoms will resolve.
I'll show you how.

Christine trains and coaches women in chronic pain, including women with fibromyalgia, to heal themselves, end their suffering, and put their lives back on track.  She has done it. She knows you, too.

She is the expert to coach these “women like her” to do their own healing work. Work-disabled by fibromyalgia herself for 20 years, she understands the condition, the effects, and women like her who have to deal with it.  

She believes in focusing on solutions instead of problems. Curious, a lifelong learner, with time on her hands, she became a Seeker and studied spirituality, metaphysics, healing, and psychology while she was ill and disabled.  

Over the years, she accumulated quite an impressive healing toolbox of modalities, techniques,  practices, exercises, and approaches. She adopted a higher perspective that elevated her energy and mood. She is fascinated with human potential, possibilities, the Quantum Field, Source, and more.  She healed herself and she will share with you how you can heal yourself. 

She knows we can do much better than just managing to get by.  After finally getting all the pieces in place, she healed herself on all levels.  Then, she dedicated a couple of years to creating a repeatable system for others to heal themselves. It includes both training and live coaching and is affordable and accessible from anywhere, without travel. 

She deeply understands a woman’s pain and suffering. She uses her own perceptive insights and intuition, plus science and spirituality to teach and coach women to heal themselves.  A survivor of abuse, and assault (including childhood sexual abuse, then later, domestic violence, and decades after that, rape) she is trauma-informed by both experience and study.

Since trauma is one of the underlying causes of chronic pain, the unexpressed and unresolved memories, sensations, and emotions are stored in the body as stuck energy that creates pain, fatigue, and other symptoms. No one escapes childhood and teen years without wounds that need to be healed. Christine understands this and can help you, without judgment, to heal yourself, safely and supported, identifying identity and core wounds and working with them. She created a hybrid training and coaching program called Fibro Freedom Formula: You Healing You.  

Christine is living evidence that we can heal ourselves and she is excited to share this with the world.  She wants all women to know that incurable means ONLY medically incurable. It does not mean we cannot heal ourselves. The belief that we need medicine to cure us is one we have been conditioned into believing all our lives. Medicine does wonderful work,  evidenced during the pandemic.  Christine's approach is holistic, spiritual, and therapeutic. She leaves therapy and medication reviews to the doctors.

No medical cure for our pain and fatigue conditions only means that Medicine has no cure;  it means that if we want to get well, we must heal ourselves. It does not mean that we cannot heal ourselves. It means we must make the choice and commitment to heal ourselves -- for our own sake, for the sake of those we love, and so we can do what we are on earth to do. 

It is important to help women learn to heal themselves because we are the healers and nurturers of the world. While suffering ourselves, we can't do that well.  But after having suffered, our compassion and wisdom grow. The world needs us now, more than ever. 

Christine is ready to help you. Are you ready to be helped? 


Social proof: testimonials

Testimonial for Christine Lutley

Susan Burton, Ph D

Amazing! Beyond my expectations! Christine’s unique way of understanding and coaching my thought patterns and emotions has been transformational. Once I combined these new insights with the stretches, breathwork, and spiritual guidance, I experienced significant healing. Her approach is so holistic. I continue to gain new tools to guide myself to a fuller life. Christine is an AWESOME COACH for anyone who has fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with Myofascial Pain Syndrome and MAY have fibromyalgia also. She was very knowledgeable about the differences between these 2 and how they differed from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. (I am tired all the time too.) As she shared her life experiences with these diagnoses, she clarified these three diagnostic categories in a way NO medical professional has EVER been able to do for me!
Thank you,
Susan Burton, Ph D
Indianapolis, Indiana

Testimonial for Christine Lutley

Mary Harvell

In a short time, Christine helped me to manage my Fibromyalgia by making simple changes, like for example taking magnesium daily. She taught me several different techniques to help manage stress and pain, including a deep breathing technique that works like a charm for stopping anxiety and for falling to sleep easily. I expected to be helped with my fibromyalgia only; but, Christine coached me through a couple of very challenging personal crisis that came up, supporting and encouraging me, and helping me to see how I could manage such things in my life differently, to be much easier on myself, with fewer flares going forward. I will continue to work on that because she is right that stress causes me to have flares. I recommend her and will continue to follow her. I look forward to the launch of her new on-demand coaching program very soon. Thank you,
Mary Harvell
Northern Michigan

Testimonial for Christine Lutley

Carol "CJ" Jenkins

Christine has made such an amazing comeback; but I’m not surprised. She has long been an inspiration to me.
Christine always found a way to support me, even at her most ill. Many years ago, I helped her by moving in with her when she was very ill. She helped me become a more professional manager and to communicate better. She introduced me to so many new ideas, including spiritual ones. She broadened my worldview, by helping me to see my limiting beliefs, which she jokingly called “CJ’s Rules” and created a journal for me to review them, release and replace them. She inspired me to change so many of my bad habits, including smoking. She is a natural coach.
We each had our turn caring for the other. Years later, when I needed help during my own illnesses, she supported me through major surgeries. She cared for me and my wounds when I developed a MRSA infection. Later, when I needed dialysis, she asked a friend on dialysis to advise me. Christine’s using her own healing journey to coach women who suffer from pain, fatigue, trauma, and fibromyalgia is just so her. She is the perfect coach, teacher, and friend. Her students and clients will benefit greatly from her advice and support. No one has been a bigger influence on me. Carol (CJ) Jenkins

Testimonial for Christine Lutley

Susan Vaatveit

Susan Vaatveit’s Testimonial: I first met Christine 25 years ago, when she was looking to adopt a Yorkie, and I had one to place. She was quite ill from what was later diagnosed as fibromyalgia. We became fast, close, and lasting friends and remain so, even though we now live thousands of miles apart.
Christine is a survivor. No matter how traumatized or ill she was, she kept getting back up, reading, learning, and trying new things. She worked her way back to a healthy and full life. Not a medical or health expert, who “studied” fibromyalgia, chronic pain & fatigue, depression, and anxiety, Christine lived these and was work-disabled by them for a couple of decades.
Her biggest qualifications are her life crises, her experiences, and her spiritual work. She has created a unique course with coaching to guide women through all the aspects of the healing journey. Her own personal journey, her openness, and her 4-body spiritual approach make her work so special. Her training and coaching will make a huge difference in many women’s lives, as she coaches us along her path to a better life.
Susan Vaatveit, Ashford, Oregon

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