Medicine Can't Cure Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain or Fatigue. But, We Can Heal Ourselves.

We are not our pain. We are more powerful than pain.

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There is no cure.
We must heal ourselves.

Helping women with fibromyalgia's chronic pain & fatigue, heal themselves to achieve goals their doctors said they couldn't

Helping women with fibromyalgia’s chronic pain & fatigue, heal themselves, to achieve goals their doctor said they couldn’t...

  • Without any doctor telling us we are making our symptoms up or our condition is incurable 

  • Without being misunderstood because of our invisible illness 

  • Without having to be warriors against our current reality 

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    I don’t believe Fibromyalgia is permanent or progressive.
    I don’t believe any of us are making our symptoms up.
    I don’t believe fibromyalgia is in our heads.
    I don’t believe all chronic pain requires addictive painkillers.
    I don’t believe fighting fibromyalgia is the way to get well.
    I don’t believe we need to be cured.
    I believe we can heal ourselves.
    I believe our body is crying for our help.
    I do believe we can use our heads to get well.
    I believe we are powerful enough to heal ourselves.
    I believe that looking good and feeling like crap with an invisible illness is miserable.

    Because back in 1996, I suffered from chronic back pain, headaches, depression, and anxiety, until I collapsed at work. A year later I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Losing the chance to work again. Until my mom died, suffering from dementia.
    On my 65th birthday, I decided to create a new life for myself.
    I didn’t want to suffer like my beloved mom.
    I remembered being coached by Bob Proctor himself before The Secret and the success that brought me, and I studied to become a coach.
    I focused on getting well and having a purpose.
    I used a spiritual 4-body healing approach.

    For over four years now:

    • I’ve been enjoying life, instead of spending half of the day asleep.
    • I don’t need painkillers to ease my pain, because it’s almost gone.
    • I am working for several hours a day, without needing to rest.
    • I am motivated to go for more, not depressed and anxious, not looking for excuses not to take the leap. I am investing in my future.
    • Every day, I walk and play with my service dog, there for each other.

    During this time, I documented the step-by-step process, that any of my clients can use to heal themselves through my program.

    I call it Fibro Freedom Formula: You Healing You. It’s a combination of self-discovery and change, based on neuroscience and epigenetics with accountability along the journey.

About You

Yes, you, looking at this page. Are you

Living with miserable symptoms:

  • You suffer from chronic pain and fatigue, perhaps fibromyalgia.
  • You might not have a diagnosis and your doctor might or might not seem to be taking your symptoms and concerns seriously.
  • Your doctor sent you for tests and results are coming back normal. That is great, ruling out life-threatening and progressive diseases.
  • You are fed up with having no effective treatment to make you feel well.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, you measure your suffering at 9 or 10 on many to most days.


Does it seem to affect your whole life?

  • You are overwhelmed with the pain, the fatigue, the sickness, all its effects, and the lack of help.
  • You feel depressed, sad, worried, afraid, anxious, angry, frustrated, irritated, and moody.
  • It affects all your relationships -- especially with your partner and children. You might be afraid of losing your husband or partner.
  • Other people don’t understand what is going on with you because the condition is invisible. You feel misunderstood, disbelieved, and unsupported. 
  • Perhaps you have become work-disabled.
  • Or, maybe you force yourself to work because there is no other way to support yourself and the pressure is taking a big toll on you.
  • Or, maybe you are worried about not being able to keep working because then, how would you support yourself and your kids



“Why me?” you might ask.


You might have a history of trauma:

  •  physical trauma from an accident or surgery,
  • abuse, domestic violence, psychological violence, financial violence, sexual assault, 
  • or long-ago childhood wounds.


You might not remember any major trauma, but several smaller ones over a long time: 

  • like working in a misogynist or racist environment, 
  • like working in an environment where you felt unveiled, unappreciated, or disrespected
  • like living in a family or relationship where you felt unappreciated and disrespected

You might have experienced a major life crisis: 

  • financial crisis, 
  • divorce, or relationship ending, 
  • death of a close loved-one, 

What do you want instead?

Do you know what results you want?

How do you want to live?

How do you want to feel?


What would you do to get what you want?

  •  Are you willing to put in the necessary effort to get the results you want?
  • Are you willing to learn to heal yourself since there is no cure? 
  • Are you willing to invest time, energy, and money to heal yourself and get the results you want? 


Are you looking for help?

  • Are you willing to be coached by someone who has already achieved what you want?
  • Are you willing to do what is necessary to get the results you want?
  • Are you willing to invest in yourself to get the results you want?
  • Can you afford to be coached?  
  • Would you prefer group or private coaching?
  • Would a payment plan make it easier for you to participate?
  • Would a commission for referrals who sign up make it easier for you to participate?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions People Ask

Why should you learn from Christine? 

She has suffered as you suffer. She gets it. She worked her way out of the deep mess she was in from Fibromyalgia. She knows that our conditions might be medically incurable; but, we can heal ourselves, on all levels. 

Her life experience and training to heal herself led her to do this work, her life's work. She can guide you to heal yourself using her unique Fibro Freedom Formula, a spiritual approach to healing our 4 bodies. Healing yourself is doable.  She is walking, talking evidence because she has healed herself.

We can all learn to do this. No medical cure means we that must if we want to improve ourselves and our lives. It isn't magic. It isn't fake. It is Divine. Yes, there is a little woo-woo. We are more powerful than we think when we co-create with spirit.

What are the BENEFITS of doing "Fibro Freedom Formula: You Healing You" and working with Christine?

Your physical wellness, mindset, emotional wellness, and energy will all improve.  You will heal yourself and your life. 

Living from a higher perspective will elevate you and your life. As your coach, Christine will hold you accountable.

You will reconnect with your spirit and learn how powerful you are. You'll stop giving your power or energy away. 

Changing your mind will change your life. It is inevitable. Thoughts create all things.

Working with each of your bodies: physical, mental, emotional, and energetic, you'll heal each and align them to spirit. 

You'll create healthy new habits to cause and maintain your wellness effortlessly.

You will learn new skills, practices, and techniques for self-care, self-love, and healing.

You will learn to see pain and symptoms as cries for your help and healing.

You will learn to and will optimize yourself to realize the limitless possibilities that are your birthright.

You will create a new you, a future self, transformed.

How can this happen?

It happens:

  • by addressing your needs on all levels, 
  • by repeatedly envisioning your dreams as if they are already true, 
  • by learning genuine self-care, 
  • by creating healthy new routines, and making them habits, so they replace bad habits, 
  • by learning to love yourself unconditionally, including unresolved wounds in need of healing, limiting beliefs in need of being cleared and replaced, and relationships past and present in need of forgiveness. 
  • It happens by healing yourself on all levels. It happens by co-creating with spirit. 
  • It all happens in a step-by-step process, with community support, and expert coaching by Christine, who understands your ordeal, has already made her transformation to wellness, and is committed to guiding you to your transformation to improved well-being and happiness.

Social proof: testimonials

Testimonial for Christine Lutley

Susan Burton, Ph D

Amazing! Beyond my expectations! Christine’s unique way of understanding and coaching my thought patterns and emotions has been transformational. Once I combined these new insights with the stretches, breathwork, and spiritual guidance, I experienced significant healing. Her approach is so holistic. I continue to gain new tools to guide myself to a fuller life. Christine is an AWESOME COACH for anyone who has fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with Myofascial Pain Syndrome and MAY have fibromyalgia also. She was very knowledgeable about the differences between these 2 and how they differed from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. (I am tired all the time too.) As she shared her life experiences with these diagnoses, she clarified these three diagnostic categories in a way NO medical professional has EVER been able to do for me!
Thank you,
Susan Burton, Ph D
Indianapolis, Indiana

Testimonial for Christine Lutley

Mary Harvell

In a short time, Christine helped me to manage my Fibromyalgia by making simple changes, like for example taking magnesium daily. She taught me several different techniques to help manage stress and pain, including a deep breathing technique that works like a charm for stopping anxiety and for falling to sleep easily. I expected to be helped with my fibromyalgia only; but, Christine coached me through a couple of very challenging personal crisis that came up, supporting and encouraging me, and helping me to see how I could manage such things in my life differently, to be much easier on myself, with fewer flares going forward. I will continue to work on that because she is right that stress causes me to have flares. I recommend her and will continue to follow her. I look forward to the launch of her new on-demand coaching program very soon. Thank you,
Mary Harvell
Northern Michigan

Testimonial for Christine Lutley

Carol "CJ" Jenkins

Christine has made such an amazing comeback; but I’m not surprised. She has long been an inspiration to me.
Christine always found a way to support me, even at her most ill. Many years ago, I helped her by moving in with her when she was very ill. She helped me become a more professional manager and to communicate better. She introduced me to so many new ideas, including spiritual ones. She broadened my worldview, by helping me to see my limiting beliefs, which she jokingly called “CJ’s Rules” and created a journal for me to review them, release and replace them. She inspired me to change so many of my bad habits, including smoking. She is a natural coach.
We each had our turn caring for the other. Years later, when I needed help during my own illnesses, she supported me through major surgeries. She cared for me and my wounds when I developed a MRSA infection. Later, when I needed dialysis, she asked a friend on dialysis to advise me. Christine’s using her own healing journey to coach women who suffer from pain, fatigue, trauma, and fibromyalgia is just so her. She is the perfect coach, teacher, and friend. Her students and clients will benefit greatly from her advice and support. No one has been a bigger influence on me. Carol (CJ) Jenkins

Testimonial for Christine Lutley

Susan Vaatveit

Susan Vaatveit’s Testimonial: I first met Christine 25 years ago, when she was looking to adopt a Yorkie, and I had one to place. She was quite ill from what was later diagnosed as fibromyalgia. We became fast, close, and lasting friends and remain so, even though we now live thousands of miles apart.
Christine is a survivor. No matter how traumatized or ill she was, she kept getting back up, reading, learning, and trying new things. She worked her way back to a healthy and full life. Not a medical or health expert, who “studied” fibromyalgia, chronic pain & fatigue, depression, and anxiety, Christine lived these and was work-disabled by them for a couple of decades.
Her biggest qualifications are her life crises, her experiences, and her spiritual work. She has created a unique course with coaching to guide women through all the aspects of the healing journey. Her own personal journey, her openness, and her 4-body spiritual approach make her work so special. Her training and coaching will make a huge difference in many women’s lives, as she coaches us along her path to a better life.
Susan Vaatveit, Ashford, Oregon

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